Re-launch of the Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG

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30 Aug 2021
Group(s) submitting the application: 
Meeting objectives: 

The purpose of the P18 proposed working session is; 

1    To relaunch the IG, refocus on the Case Statement; the activities and scope of the IG moving forward; [organisational]

2    To reconnect and connect with other RDA groups (incl. Sensitive Data IG; Legal WG; FAIRdata WG’s), inviting and growing the network; [outreach]

3    Select which issues previously identified we will continue with and if there others we should address. [outcome]

4    Attract new (inclusive and non-european) co-chairs and new members to work with us !


Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:



  • Brief introduction IG, co-chairs and new members

  • Take 5 minutes to land and brainstorm with yourself what you wish to gain, share, what you want (this IG) to achieve and question(s) you have/want to see addressed

  • Discussion on the objectives/outcomes (world domination !? )

Target Audience: 

Previous IG members and anyone interested in the issue of research data privacy and data sharing and the challenges we as researchers face as a result of  digitization and globalisation (data sharing both local and global).

Researchers/professionals/funders etc working with or interested in privacy issues. Ideas on how to deal with the seeming contradictions between privacy protection, accessibility and usability of research data (FAIRprinciples) are welcome.

If you have specific legal, technical and/or policy expertise or questions, also please join us !


Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

This is a new and improved re-lauch of the 2016 RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research Data Sets IG which have started to work on the issues but due to circumstances has become dormant. The purpose of this IG is therefore to revive the focus on this very important topic and a great opportunity for everyone to join and shape the work we will be doing.

Short Group Status: 

Some work has been done in the previous IG, and the purpose is to re-focus on the topic and objectives to re-active work on this very important topic for RDA to contribute to !

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 
Meeting presenters: 
Jörg Geiger (University of Würzburg, ibdw); Freyja van den Boom (Bournemouth University, Sorbonne University, ITforChange)