Building the International Model for the Global Open Research Commons (GORC)

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06 Aug 2021
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Meeting objectives: 

This meeting is a continuation of the regular meetings of the  International Model for the GORC WG (formerly the Global Open Research Commons International Benchmarking WG). The IM for GORC WG is conducted under the umbrella, and coordinates with the Global Open Research Commons (GORC) IG as they refine the definition and typology of the Commons and work towards a roadmap for global development. The WG’s goal is to evaluate and recommend a model for functions/attributes for global research commons that allows researchers and developers to coordinate services and create roadmaps for international interoperability of research infrastructures. 


The attendees of the GORC Benchmarking WG at P17 agreed to the general purpose and approach to the work proposed by the WG leads. Subsequent to P17, approximately 29 individuals joined the WG. We held our first regular meeting in June of 2021 to respond to Council’s feedback to the WG Case statement. It was informative feedback and helped us better define the meaning of benchmarks. Moreover, it provided the opportunity to clarify our role in the community, not as evaluators or an organization that seeks to certify commons, but rather as supporting commons developers who are creating interoperable services. Further refinements were made based on feedback from RDA Council, resulting in the name change to GORC-IM WG.


Between the end of July 2021 and P18 we anticipate making decisions about the form of the deliverable for the WG and will be in the process of testing and utilizing the workflow developed for researching, proposing, discussing and capturing elements of the model. In light of this, we propose the GORC-IM WG meeting at P18 essentially be a standard working meeting where members can meet and discuss potential model elements and details. This would allow anyone who is interested but not yet involved in the WG to see the process in action and provide an opportunity for the WG to be transparent about the state of our deliverables.


The objective of this meeting will be:

  1. Recap and discuss refinements to the WG Case Statement submission and approval process 

  2. Review the status of deliverables

  3. Determine next steps


Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  • Introduction to meeting and previous work (10 mins) - Mark Leggott

    • Take away messages from P17, RDA TAB & Council feedback

  • Review and update: The process for proposing elements of the model, KPIs and implementations; current status of the deliverable.

  • Group activity discussion of submitted benchmarks (40 mins) - All

  • Next steps (15 mins) - Karen Payne and Mark Leggott

Target Audience: 

Research funders, infrastructure providers and data services active in delivering Research / Data Commons initiatives


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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The GORC-IM WG will examine functions and attributes (ie. elements) that are useful to national, pan-national and domain specific developers of Commons globally. The elements will fall into one of two classes: internal elements to measure user engagement or content generation, and external elements as indicators of Commons maturity and adherence to best practices. We anticipate using the typology of commons under development by the GORC IG as an organizing principle for the model. The WG will also capture exemplars of well executed elements or Commons features when available, and use the entire collection as input to the GORC IG Roadmap.

Short Group Status: 

At the time of this writing the WG has been officially endorsed. As a BoF this group submitted an original case statement to the TAB in early January 2021. We then created a second version based on their review and re-submitted April 6, 2021. That version was elevated to Council and based on their feedback we created a third version, and additional feedback led to the final version. The group’s first regular session took place June 17, 2021. The next scheduled meeting is for July 22, 2021.


Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
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WG/IG chairs plus WG members