Materials Data IG Meeting, "Data Infrastructure for Collaborations in Materials Research"

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04 Aug 2020
Meeting objectives: 

Provide presentations on numerous global data infrastructures supporting collaborations in materials research and hold panel discussions with presenters, moderator, and audience.

Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative Notes Link:


Moderator, James Warren, NIST

1., Alysia Garmulewicz, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

2. Materials Microstructure Repository, Zach Trautt

3. NIMS Data Platform Center, Mikiko Tanifuji, NIMS 

4. phonopy, Atsushi Togo, NIMS,

5. OPTiMaDe, Matthew Evans, Universite catholique de Louvain

6. General panel discussion with moderator facilitating discussion


Target Audience: 

Researchers in materials science, cognate domains and data science

Group chair serving as contact person: 
Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The Materials Data, Infrastructure, & Interoperability (MDII) was founded in 2013 and aims to foster exchange of computational & experimental materials data through shared online repositories, standardized formats/terminologies & open programming interfaces.  

Short Group Status: 

The Materials Data, Infrastructure, & Interoperability (MDII) was founded in 2013 and through community discussions has established the International Materials Resource Registry Working Group as well as the Materials Ontologies Task Group.  

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 
Meeting presenters: 
Alysia Garmulewicz, Universidad de Santiago de Chile; Zach Trautt, NIST; Mikiko Tanifuji, NIMS; Atsushi Togo, NIMS, EU representative TBD, James Warren, NIST, Moderator