Piloting Active Data Management Plans: Adoptions and Refinements

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27 Nov 2019
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Meeting objectives: 

Building upon the recent publication of the common data model for the creation of machine actionable DMPs produced by the RDA working group on DMP Common Standards, many projects have emerged to harness the emerging capabilities of machine actionable DMPs. Advances in identifier services, efforts towards better interoperability between different systems, and work on machine actionable DMPs, are all working to facilitate better access and reuse of research data to leverage strategic opportunities for technical integrations supporting the exchange of research information and data. This session will explore ongoing work to pilot the incorporation of machine actionable DMPs in several specific institutional settings. Additional discussion slots will enable others to report on existing work that addresses the central themes of incorporating the Common Standard and machine actionable DMP workflows within institutional settings.

  • Update members on progress regarding machine actionable DMP pilots and the implementation of systems utilizing the Common Standard

  • Share machine actionable DMP use cases from specific institutional environments 

  • Solicit feedback on new disciplinary DMP WG case statement

Meeting agenda: 


Part 1. Introductions and grounding (10 mins)

Basic overview of group, DMP tools and common standard for DMPs

Part 2. Making DMPs work - integrations 

Lightning talks (45 mins)

  • FAIR Island talk - Neil Davies /  Maria Praetzellis

  • DMPonline integration with F1000 - Sarah Jones 

  • RedBox integrations - Peter Sefton

Discussion (30 mins)

  • Responses to lightning talks

  • Recommendations on maDMPs - actions for funders, institutions, journals, etc

Target Audience: 

Creators of DMPs; consumers of DMPs; research data infrastructure administrators; DMP service providers, disciplinary data centres, researchers, data stewards.

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Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The activity of this group is to act as a nucleus for discussing requirements for and identifying developments needed to support active (i.e. able to evolve and be monitored) data management planning. The group has initiated two working groups which are now concluding and finalising outputs. A new group focusing on disciplinary DMPs is proposed.


Room requirements: Ideally we would like a room that will allow for remote presenters and include a camera if possible. As one of our speakers would be calling in from France we request a time slot in the early morning or late afternoon.

Please note: under the 'groups submitting this proposal' the Active DMPs IG is not listed which is baffling as I am a co-chair. Groups that I am not chair of are listed there so something must be wrong in the website permissions

Short Group Status: 

Ongoing - mature IG acting as an umbrella for activities

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
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