Ethics, Legalities, and Drone Data

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05 Dec 2019
Meeting objectives: 


The purpose of the P15 proposed working session is three-fold; 
1    To present and invite any last comments/feedback before finalizing the WELDD Case Statement which we have been drafting; [organisational]
2    To connect and grow the network by inviting interested parties both within and outside the RDA to come and contribute by sharing knowledge; [outreach]
3    As part of the STAGE 1: Design process aiming to establish the two subteams who are tasked during the working session to define their focus and develop a work plan towards the proposed outcome recommendations. [outcome]

Meeting agenda: 


  • Brief introduction WG, co-chairs and new members
  • Take 5 minutes to brainstorm with yourself and write down why you are here, what you want (this WG) to achieve and question(s) you have/want to see addressed
  • Invited speaker ? aka Why we are/ need to be doing this: 

Part 1

  •  sUAS Data WG1 Case Statement
  • Discussion/Feedback on
  • Organization of the WG
  • Outcome of WG
  • Conclude (vote on) Case Statement

Unless there are serious objections to the proposed outcomes:
Part 2

  • Break-out in subteams to work on proposed outcomes: SWOT analysis 
  • Subteam 1: A recommendation regarding legal and ethical best practice for the use of sUAS and sUAS data for research purposes including capturing, sharing and (re) use of data.
  • Subteam 2: A technical recommendation regarding the cyberinfrastructure requirements for supporting sUAS data capture in a research environment.
  • Report back to whole group: 
  • proposed focus and next steps subgroups
  • feedback/ discussion

Wrap up

Target Audience: 

Researchers/professionals/funders working with or interested to work with sUAS data and/or technologies. 

If you have legal, technical and/or policy expertise please join us, we have plenty of opportunities to contribute with your knowledge and expertise. 

Although our focus is on the use of drones for data collection the outcomes of this WG will have relevance for the broader IoT data research community therefore we invite anyone interested in/working with sensor data and analytics to join us. 

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 


Short Group Status: 

Un-endorsed, a draft charter has been developed and will be refined between now and P15

Type of Meeting: 
Working meeting
Avoid conflict with the following group (1): 
Avoid conflict with the following group (2):