PID Information Types

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23 Jun 2014

PID Information Types

Description / Abstract / Agenda: 

PID Information Types WG 1

Date & Time: BREAKOUT3 Monday 22 Sept 2014, 15.30 – 17.00

PID Information Types WG 2

Date & Time: BREAKOUT4 Tuesday 23 Sept 2014, 11.30 – 13.00

The PID Information Types WG will be one of the first working groups to terminate their regular work plan at the RDA P4. We will therefore focus on the following topics:

  • Presenting WG outcomes. This includes the API and overall architecture description, the prototypical implementation and selected type examples delivered with it. The session will feature a practical walk-through through the prototype's functionalities from a user's perepective and a discussion on how to use the given features together with the type examples delivered.
  • Encouraging adoption. There has been a continuedly expressed interest in the results of the PIT WG from different stakeholders across communities, yet it is unclear how the stated interests can be satisfied. As far as "running code" is concerned, the most promising way seems to be to look for small-scale collaboration and consulting at selected individual sites of interested parties. The WG session will encourage potential adopters to speak up and provide ideas on how the WG outcomes could be used at their host intitutions. This should also clarify the costs involved, for example for API modifications or new interfaces required to make it work at an individual site.
  • Discussing follow-up work. This may range from setting up the formation process for new RDA WGs or interacting with existing or emerging groups such as the PID Interest Group. The session will provide an overview of different approaches that have been brought up during the WG lifetime and also touch on areas such as the future role of RDA or RDA bodies in the maintenance of the WG outcomes, the processes for making changes that stem from practical adoption, and ideas on control mechanisms active after official termination.
  • Feedback and lessons learned. As we are one of the first WGs to terminate, the final session should also end with an open discussion on what we have learned from having this WG, what worked well and what did not work at all, and how to stimulate practical outcomes in future WGs, independent from whether they are PID-related or not.
Groups audience: 
PID Information Types WG
Tobias Weigel, Tim DiLauro
Preference to avoid conflicting schedule with the following WG/IG/BoF group meetings: 
PID IG; Type Registry WG; Data Foundation and Terminology WG
  • Herman Stehouwer's picture

    Author: Herman Stehouwer

    Date: 23 Jun, 2014

    Hi Tobias,
    great to hear this.
    If you need any help let me know.
    By the way, I am writing a page about each terminating group, you
    wouldn't happen to have a nice illustration of the PID-IT?

  • Tobias Weigel's picture

    Author: Tobias Weigel

    Date: 23 Jun, 2014

    Hi Herman,
    I'm afraid I don't have a good overarching illustration right now. All
    the diagrams we have focus on bits and pieces, but there is no easily
    understandable Big Picture Illustration. But we definitely should have
    one ready at the plenary... once the implementation is more stable, I
    shall then make one.
    Best, Tobias
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