PID Exchange - a curated information resource for PID adopters

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11 Jun 2023

PID Exchange - a curated information resource for PID adopters

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Meeting agenda: 


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Presentation/ activity




Introduction: why a joint session?

  • Brief overview of both Groups and how the concept of a joint session came about.  Share agenda and state session goals.

National PID Strategies IG update output and plans to promote and disseminate WG outputs after transitioning to an IG.

  - Review of the WG deliverables - guide, checklist and nine case studies

  - Introducing the new IG and plans

      - Maintaining the WG outputs

      - Collecting further case studies

      - Facilitating further information exchange between those developing PID strategies

      - Developing shared value propositions for particular use cases

      - Engaging with international PID providers

      - Highlighting synergies with PIDS in Tools IG



5 min


15 min


One co-chair from each Group

National PID Strategies IG co-chairs

Natasha Simons

Christopher Brown

Daniel Bangert


Introduction to the Working with PIDs IG with the IGSN work as an example output

15 min

Working with PIDs in Tools co-chairs

Describe the problems arising from the current state of play – scattered information put out by PIDS providers, national policy makers, organizations like EOSC and RDA groups, and others – and introduce the idea of an information exchange to address this problem.  If there is time raise questions of how to bring this about – what organiations could help support with funding, what organizations are necessary collaborators because they will need to contribute information, what form could the exchange take, where could it be ‘hosted’, etc.

15 min

Both IG co-chairs

This part of the meeting will be dedicated to a brainstorming session where participants share ideas about key areas of information about PIDs that’s relevant to adopters, followed by a categorization and prioritization exercise where these topics are arranged into a map/table of content based on which the “PID central” can be built. We will include discussion of how the work of the PIDS in Tools group could be incorporated into the National PIDS Strategies work and vice versa.


40 min

Both IG co-chairs

Meeting objectives: 

Start a conversation about possible steps to overcoming the current scattered nature of information about PIDs, and present some specific alternative suggestions around the general concept of a ‘central information exchange/repository for PIDs.

Short Group Status: 

The Working with PIDs in Tools IG was established in early 2023, the group held its first RDA session in Gothenburg, sharing with the community concrete use cases/ examples of PID integrations in various research supporting tools/platforms. The IG co-chairs Rory Macneil and Xiaoli Chen are also undertaking an EOSC Future grant project in association with the RDA IG work, particularly in designing and implementing IGSN workflows on the electronic lab notebook application RSpace, and documenting and sharing lessons learned and PID integration design principles.

The National PID Strategies WG has recently concluded and is transitioning into an IG to keep working on the promotion and maintenance of the WG outputs. The WG is publishing its final report which includes a checklist for PID strategy building, along with nine national PID strategy case studies.

After the meeting the Gothenburg we reached out to the National PID Strategies WG (now IG) to express interest in collaboration based on complementary goals and explored synergizing areas of work, the idea of hosting a joint session was incepted. The PID-related groups were then joined in the RDA cross-pollination webinar where the intention to synchronize and bring to focus the various PID advocacy, education, and implementation efforts were shared. This joint session is an attempt to support this vision.

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group(s): 

Working with PIDs in Tools IG

Lack of interoperability between tools/e-infrastructures presents a significant barrier to streamlining processes throughout the research lifecycle. These gaps prevent the comprehensive collection and incorporation of research data and metadata into the research record captured during the active research phase. Furthermore, it limits the scope for passing this data and metadata on to data repositories, thus undermining FAIR data principles and reproducibility. This IG is proposed as:

  • A place to address interoperability between tools/e-infrastructures, leveraging PID and metadata infrastructure.

  • A platform for research-supporting service providers and PID/open infrastructure organizations to outline use cases, explore challenges, and pool resources to provide reference and guidance to chart ways forward.

  • A forum for dissecting the interoperability challenges through discussion of concrete case studies involving application of PIDS to tools in multiple communities of practice.


National PID Strategies IG

The RDA National PID Strategies Working Group (WG) was endorsed by RDA on 10 December 2021 to explore how Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) form part of national policy and research infrastructure implementation frameworks. The Group recognised that there are systemic and network benefits from widespread and consistent PID adoption, and funders, government agencies, and national research communities have created PID consortia or policies (including mandates) in pursuit of these benefits. The Working Group concludes on 10  June 2023 yet interest in the topic of the WG is higher than ever with national PID strategies on the rise and in rapid development. We therefore propose a National PID Strategies Interest Group to continue and further develop the active RDA community engagement in the topic. The benefits of transitioning from an RDA WG to an RDA IG include continuing to facilitate much needed discussion and alignment between the strategies, refinement of the value proposition and sharing practical development pathways to a national PID strategy.

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Working meeting
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Rory Macneil, Chris Erdmann, Jens Klump, Xiaoli Chen, Christopher Brown, Natasha Simons, Shawna Sadler