Notes on Action Items from the Joint VS and DFT IG meeting

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15 Mar 2016

Note DFT briefed the group on its vocabulary use case(s) and term tool. Discussion evolved around these slides which are attached.

Action items*
- outreach for organizations to host long-term vocabulary service infrastructure for RDA (joint DFT/VSIG)
- DFT take on role of facilitating RDA group vocabulary creation
- will DFT take role in ensuring RDA outcomes use vocabulary terms, contain consistent glossaries?
- development of primer technical (VSIG) and user (DFT) primer
- development of SKOS profile for vocab description
- definition construction guide (DFT)
- proposal for technical and user-oriented hackathons in future plenaries (P8?)
- URI namespace guidelines requires investigation of RDA level of commitments for persistent URIs
- question of alternate group to help facilitate domain vocabulary construction

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