Group Mailing list Archive

14 Mar 2014

Draft agenda for the WG work sessions during RDA plenary 3

Dear All,
We will have 2 slots of 1h30 work sessions during the plenary in
Dublin. Here is our proposal for the agenda:
Slot 1:
Describe the deliverables: define more precisely the contents of
the outputs and the associated tasks
Slot 2:
Planning: Identify the next steps to reach and assign the tasks.
Discuss and plan upcoming meetings.
Any other business.
We started a document to help preparing these work sessions,
please find it here:

05 Feb 2014

Wheat Data Interoperability Working Group - Questionnaire

Dear All,
I am sorry but I should request you again to have a look to a new
version of the questionnaire here : [1]
We had some late but accurate comments and suggestions from the
Wheat Initiative Information System Experts during the PAG
conference in January.
Please feel free to let me know your opinion about this version.
Thank you.

17 Jan 2014

The case statement

Dear All,
As mentioned in a previous email, I sent the new version of our
case statement to the RDA TAB and council. It turns out that there
was a report for the previous TAB review of our case statement
that we did not receive in spite of all the efforts I made to have
the correct feedback. This report has been sent to me today. It
contains clear recommendations which are relevant from my point of
view. I forward you the report so you can have a look at it and

20 Dec 2013

Recap and news

Dear all,
This is to recap our actions and share some news.
Our questionnaire is almost ready to be sent out. However, we had
a request from the Wheat Initiative to test it further and give
feedback before the end of December. We should be able to send it
out early in January.
We have a new version for our case statement. We shared it with
the Wheat initiative staff on their own request. We will perhaps
have new active members from the Wheat initiative stakeholders