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19 Jan 2015

First Environment-related joint session for W&I Groups at the forthcoming P5

Dear chairs and members of the Wheat Data Interoperability WG,

During the previous RDA plenaries it gradually became obvious that the environment-related Interest and Working Groups share concerns and face similar challenges regarding the lifecycle of Life data.

08 Jan 2015

Invitation to participate in the survey on "Towards a Comprehensive Overview of Ontologies and Vocabularies for Research on Wheat"

Dear all,
The survey on "Towards a Comprehensive Overview of Ontologies and Vocabularies for Research on Wheat" is ready to be distributed to developers, curators and managers of ontologies and vocabularies in the Wheat Research area. We would appreciate your help to disseminate the survey, thanks a lot in advance.
Best wishes and happy new year!
Dear Participant,

06 Jan 2015

Fwd: [wheatIS-EWG] Agenda for the annual WheatIS EWG meeting

I wish you a happy new year !
For the people who will attend the WheatIS meeting at PAG January 9th,
you are welcome and you will find the agenda in attachment.
Best regards
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09 Dec 2014

Re: Wheat Data Interoperability Website

Hi Laurel,
yes you are right, the images are not that ergonomic. I am still looking
at a plugin to have contextual menus within the pages. I asked for help
to some colleagues who are more familiar with WordPress. In the
meanwhile, I propose we do with the images...
Concerning the "who does what", please find hereafter a recall of what
we decided during the last meeting:
*Who will contribute to each part?*
-/suggestion was to keep to the groups that worked on the sections at
the Versailles Workshop in October: /

09 Dec 2014

Re: Wheat Data Interoperability Website


Hi Esther et al
I like the layout too, but I am not too crazy about the images- I
did not realize they were links  to the items "Recommendations, Best
practices, Tools, Examples". Could these be a new menu when you are
on the specific page, like the gene expression page for example?  In
other words can the individual pages have a different menu?  But
perhaps it is not an option. at first. 

08 Dec 2014

Your feedback is welcome

Dear all,
The questionnaire "Towards a comprehensive overview of ontologies and vocabularies for research on Wheat" is now available at The preparation of this survey is an output of the workshop in Versailles (October 2014) where Laurel, Rosemary, Esther, Sophie, Carme and I agreed to work on obtaining additional information from developers about ontologies/vocabularies available for data annotation in the Wheat research area.

04 Dec 2014

Re: Wheat Data Interoperability Website

Dear All,
I didn't receive a lot of feedback about the wordpress website, so I
will presume that you are all happy with it.
To follow up, I prepared a document with the links to the pages that
need to be edited. You just have to follow the link to the page you
want to edit. But first of all, you should complete your inscription
to the website, you should have received an invitation for that.
Please, let me know if you didn't or if you need more help.

26 Nov 2014

Re: [rda-wg-ig-chairs][rda-wdinterop-wg] Fwd: [rda-wg-ig-chairs] ERCIM News 100th Issue on "Scientific Data Sharing and Reuse": possibility for short WG/IG contributions

Hi Esther et al,
It looks interesting, but it looks like the deadline is the end of next week, which is not do-able from my end. I would be happy to review something, though if others wanted to put it together.
Cheers, Laurel
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