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02 Jun 2016

Preparing RDA8

Dear all,

We have started to prepare the IGAD sessions and WG related for RDA8 in Denver (Colorado, USA). It is very important for this planning to know what IGAD members will have a chance to join us in RDA8.

Please let us know during the next days!

We look forward to meeting you there

Imma & Devika

02 Jun 2016

Case Statement for Rice Data Interoperability (RDI) RDA Working Group is ready

Dear all,

I am attaching the proposal for setting up a WG on Rice Data Interoperability. 

The RDI Working Group aims to reinforce synergies between rice research & development organizations to support food security, nutritional value and safety while taking into account societal demands for sustainable and resilient agricultural production systems.

30 May 2016

New session of the webinar

Dear All,
as you may know, we did not manage to hold the webinar last week due to
technical issues. We know how frustrating it may have been for you who
were attending and we apologize for the inconvenience.
We planned to have a new session on the 15th of June, at 16:00 Paris
time which corresponds to 2:00 pm UTC.
Please, do not hesitate to publicize this new session.

08 May 2016

Slides for the webinar

Dear All,
please find enclosed a first version of the slides for the webinar. We
would appreciate your feedback very much.
The presentation includes 2 use cases which precede the presentation of
the guidelines per se. It also includes a short movie which shows how
the 2nd use case is implemented in AgroLD. As recommended by RDA Europe,
we have also included some questions in order to make the presentation
active. Please, let us know your thoughts and suggestions.
For those who are attenting the PhenoHarmonis workshop, we could take a

29 Apr 2016

WDI guidelines webinar

Hi All,
this is a reminder for the WDI guidelines webinar which is planned for
the 17th May 2016 at 2:00 pm UTC (4:00 pm CEST).
There is already 30 registrations. Please keep helping us spread the
word, the number of participants is not limited.
Re: Draft programme "formation AgroPortal" du 21-22 mars