status: Recognised & Endorsed

Chair (s): Claire Austin, Rajini Nagrani, Priyanka Pillai

Group Email: [group_email]

Secretariat Liaison: [field_secretariat_liaison]

This is the subgroup of the RDA-COVID-19 working group focusing on Epidemiology.


Epidemiology subgroup priorities

  1.  Guidelines and recommendations for producing, sharing, and using COVID19 Epidemiology data.

  2.  Identify COVID19 resources and references [datasets/repositories, software/code, standards, journal articles].

  3.  Build a curated in Zotero Web Group Library of resources and references.

  4.  A Decision Tree tool to facilitate navigation to specific COVID19 Epidemiology Resources.


Meeting schedule

New time: Mon, Fri 3:00 PM UTC

8:00 AM California, 11:00 AM New York, 5:00 PM France, 1:00 AM Melbourne

Unchanged: Wed 12:30 PM UTC

5:30 AM California, 8:30 AM New York, 2:30 PM France, 10:30 PM Melbourne



April 13-May 21:  Collect, organize, and annotate resources (references)

April 15-21:         1st writing sprint - Key parameters and elements 

April 22-23:         3rd writing sprint - Epidemiology data recommendations - 1st release

April 24:              RDA COVID-19 Data Recommendations and Guidelines, 1st release 24 April 2020

April 29:              4th writing sprint - Epidemiology data recommendations - 2nd release

May 1:                2nd release

May 1- 4:            5th writing sprint (current)

May 4-6:             6th writing sprin

July - Sept:         Supporting Output


Publication schedule

  • 1st release (Apr 24), 2nd release (May 1) 3rd release (May 8), 4th release (May 15)
  • 5th release - Final draft release (May 22)
  • RDA endorsed recommendations and guidelines (June 30)
  • Supporting output for public comment: Sharing COVID-19 Epidemiology Data (August 31 - Sept 21)
  • RDA endorsed supporting output (October)


To provide feedback on the "RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations":

The current draft of the "RDA COVID-19 Guidelines and Recommendations" can be found in the Outputs section of the main COVID-19 WG webpage; be sure to select the most current version that is attached for review, and provide comments using the "Add new comment" link below the attachments.


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