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Chair (s): Anita de Waard, Ingrid Dillo, Simon Hodson

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General services to publish data are not available and the necessary editorial process  leading to quality assured and efficiently usable data requires resources to be quantified. At present, there is an imbalance between the capacities and functionality of existing data  centres and data repositories and the global production of scientific data. Budgets of data centres generally cover a precise scope, mostly data production of the host institution. The  WG will supply cost estimates and elaborate a business model to compensate for additional costs of publishing data in an open access environment.



Income Streams for Data Repositories

by Stefanie Kethers

Basic funding of data infrastructure may not keep pace with increasing costs. There is a need, therefore, to consider alternative cost recovery options and a diversification of revenue streams. In short: who will pay for public access to research data? The RDA/WDS Interest Group Publishing Data Cost Recovery for Data Centres aims to contribute to strategic thinking on cost recovery by conducting research to understand current and possible cost recovery strategies for data centres.

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