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11 Jan 2022

Teaching and training handbook on the FAIR principles

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Dear colleagues
We are happy to announce the recent publication of "How to be FAIR with your data: A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions" ( It provides practical tools like lesson plans, FAIR competence profiles and learning outcomes for the bachelor, master and doctoral level as well as information on course design and the implementation of the FAIR principles at the institutional level.

17 Nov 2021

Invitation to contribute to the WG’s document on “10 Curation for Reproducible and FAIR Things"

Dear L4RD members,
The CURE-FAIR (Curating for FAIR and Reproducible Data and Code) working group at RDA is extending a special invitation to members of the Libraries for Research Data IG to contribute to “10 Curation for Reproducible and FAIR Things.”
We believe the document will very much benefit from this community’s expertise in and experience with developing RDA-endorsed “Things.”

08 Nov 2021

Report on Publishing Reproducible Research Outputs - just released

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Dear all,
this report on publishing reproducible research outcomes might be of
interest for you:
Chiarelli, A., Loffreda, L., & Johnson, R. (2021). The Art of Publishing
Reproducible Research Outputs: Supporting emerging practices through
cultural and technological innovation. Zenodo.
Exec Summary:
More information about the activity:

08 Nov 2021

L4RD Session on 10 Nov 2021 - Open Science Initiatives in Asia

Dear RDA friends,
a quick reminder on our forthcoming Libraries for Research Data IG
session on Wednesday, 10 November 2021. You can join the session via:
We'll have four speakers which will share their experiences with setting
up Open Science initiatives and infrastructures in Asia. More details
can be found here:

14 Oct 2021

Webinar designed for RDA Group participants

Hello - My apologies for cross-posting. We wanted to be sure RDA group Chairs and group members received this information about an upcoming webinar specifically designed to provide tips and strategies for promoting project outputs. This webinar is designed for RDA Working and Interest Group Members, but anyone interested in this topic is also invited and welcome to attend.
Please register and attend "How To Get Attention for Research Project Outputs " webinar on 21 Oct 2021 - 15:00 UTC presented by Jennifer Gibson.
Register here.

04 Oct 2021

ROR Metadata Curation Lead

The Research Organization Registry (ROR – is a community-led registry of open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifiers for every research organization in the world. ROR is looking for a metadata curation lead to coordinate registry updates and maintenance, work with ROR’s community curation advisors, and develop and implement long-term curation policies and practices. This is an exciting time to join the ROR team and support ROR’s emerging independent, community-based curation model.