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22 Jun 2018

RDA EDAS- code fo conduct

Forwarding Kate's e mail
Hi all.
Related to Heidi's code of conduct suggestion. In Australia, we have an
Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. A new version has
just been released. It is owned by Universities Australia, which represents
all of the Universities, and the two government funders of research, ARC and
NHMRC. The new Code is a short principles based document and they are
developing 'better practice guides' to go along with the Code, which are

20 Mar 2018

RE: RDA 11th Plenary Berlin- Joint Session on Wednesday 22.03 at 13:00 - it is Thusday

A small correction, the meeting is on Thursday . At the subject line I
mistakenly wrote Wednesday
Correct date is : Thursday (22nd of March) at 13:30
Sorry for the confusion
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Subject: RDA 11th Plenary Berlin- Joint Session on Wednesday 22.03 at 13:00
Dear group members,

20 Mar 2018

RDA 11th Plenary Berlin- Joint Session on Wednesday 22.03 at 13:00

Dear group members,
This week on Thursday (22nd of March) at 13:30 we will have a joint meeting
together with interest groups Data for Development, Small Unmanned Aircraft
Systems' Data, Health Data and RDA/NISO Privacy Implications of Research
Data Sets.
Topic is "Ethics in FAIR Data: Ethical and practical issues of data sharing
and usage within and across disciplines". We aim to share experiences and
challenges related to ethical data reuse in different communities, and

03 Oct 2017

RDA Ethics and Social Aspects of Data - following the Montreal meeting

Dear RDA ESAD interest group members, We had a productive meeting at Montreal. Many thanks to those who contributed in discussions and come up with ideas to proceed. At the plenary, we had conducted a collaborative exercise to identify most pressing ethical concerns and most valuable contributions that our IG could make.

02 Aug 2017

RDA Plenary Meeting in Montreal

Dear Colleagues,
The schedule for the RDA Plenary in Montreal has been announced.
The ESAD will meet 11:00/12:30 on Thursday 21th September ('Breakout 8').
Objectives of the meeting are defined as identifying cross cutting topics
with various RDA groups, discuss ways of collaborating and initiate task
forces. Please see

22 Mar 2017

RDA Plenary 9, Barcelona Session - and Looking for a New Co-Chair

Dear Colleagues in the ESAD IG:
I hope I will be seeing many of you in Barcelona. ESAD is co-sponsoring a
session on data rescue on 6 April, 14:00-15:30, but there should be other
sessions of interest.
In other news: I intend to resign as co-Chair (Dr Candice Lanius is the
other) after P9 as I don't have time, attention, and financial resources