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29 Oct 2019

CODATA Data Science Journal Call For Papers: Research Data Alliance Results Special Collection

Dear members,

I’m writing on behalf of the editors of the CODATA data science journal special collection on RDA results.

I would like to recall the possibility to submit the outputs produced by this group for the special collection. 

29 Jan 2016

P7 Joint Session Certification and Practical Policies

Biodiversity data repositories: Certification and practical policies
The Biodiversity Data Integration, Practical Policies and Certification RGA Groups are co-organising a joint session at the next RDA P7 in Tokyo.
The overarching goal of this joint session is to discuss and plan ahead on top of the outputs of the two technical groups (PP and Certification) and in relation to the needs of institutional and domain repositories for biodiversity data.

20 Aug 2015

Use case and requirements gathering for research data repositories by Research Data Alliance IG

[Apologies if you receive this email through multiple channels]
On behalf of the Research Data Alliance's "Repository Platforms for
Research Data" Interest Group, I would like to invite you to submit use
cases for research data repositories.
The charter of this group is to "gather and analyze research data use
cases in the context of repository platform requirements. The primary
deliverable will be a matrix relating use cases with functional
requirements for repository platforms."
More details on the group and its work can be found at

11 Jun 2015

last chance to get a P6 breakout

Dear Chris & Antonio,
The deadline for RDA Plenary 6 breakout session (23-25 Sept 2015)
application is fast approaching. You have until 20th June 2015 to submit
your request for a meeting space in Paris -
Working & Interest groups as well as representatives from BoFs will be
invited to share their group updates and interact with RDA members on 23

12 Feb 2015

Formal vote on documents

Two documents have been uploaded to the Practical Policy directory in the RDA File Repository.  Please vote on whether these documents should be submitted to the RDA.  The documents have been reviewed by PPWG members and suggested revisions have been made.

Once approved, we will work with Herman Steuhower to formally submit the documents as the final deliverable from the Practical Policy working group.  A discussion of the documents will be held at Plenary 5 in San Diego on Tuesday, March 10, at 9:00 AM.


Thank you,

Reagan Moore

08 Oct 2014

Is the ISO Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing on Enterprise Language relevant to PP work?

Has this group looked at the ISO Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing on Enterrpise Language.  It has some sophistication about complex and basic policy concepts. See