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RDA Outputs

RDA group outputs are focused on tangibly accelerate progress for global data sharing and increase data-driven innovation. 


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6th Plenary "Speed dating": RDA Groups networking session - Expression of Interest

Do you want to present your RDA Working or Interest Group current and future activities, outputs & objectives or your BoF ideas and get in touch with potential partners, synergies and adopters at RDA Plenary 6? If so, sign-up for our "Speed Dating" session!


GridKa School "Big Data, Virtualization and Modern Programming" September 7-11, 2015, Karlsruhe

The  international GridKa School is one of the leading summer schools for advanced computing techniques.

4th International LSDMA Symposium on “The Challenge of Big Data in Science”, 1st October 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

Management of scientific Big Data poses challenges at all stages of the data life cycle – acquisition, ingest, access, replication, preservation, etc. For scientific communities the data exploration...

Second Polar Data Forum (PDF II), 27 - 29 October 2015, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

The Second Polar Data Forum (PDF II) will be held 27-29 October 2015, at the University of Waterloo, Canada. PDF II will accelerate progress by establishing clear actions to address the target...

SCOSTEP–WDS Workshop on ‘Global Data Activities for the Study of Solar-Terrestrial Variability’

The joint SCOSTEP-WDS workshop on ‘Global Data Activities for the Study of Solar-Terrestrial Vari

ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform, 20-22 October 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal

The European Commission, together with the Fundaçao para a Ciência e a Tecnologia Portugal bring you: ICT 2015 - Innovate, Connect, Transform, 20-22

GEO-XII Plenary & Mexico City Ministerial Summit

GEO-XII Plenary & Mexico City Ministerial Summit, 9 - 13 November 2015, Mexico City, Mexico. See www.earthobservations.org for more information.