New Requests for Comments from RDA Groups

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27 Jun 2018

New Requests for Comments from RDA Groups

As of this week, three RDA Working Groups are requesting feedback from the RDA Community regarding their work. 

  1. RDA Research Data Repository Interoperability Working Group – Final Recommendations
    This output provides recommendations with respect to an interoperable packaging and exchange format for digital content. Once implemented, compliant packages can be used to migrate or replicate digital content between research data repository platforms or for preservation purposes.
  2. RDA Software Source Working Group - Case Statement
    This group, which is coordinating with FORCE11, plans to develop recommendations and guidelines for software artifact identification for scholarly stakeholders. Their Case Statement has been developed and it is now in Community Review.
  3. RDA Data Discovery Paradigms Interest Group - Supporting Output
    This group has recently completed a Supporting Output titled “A Survey of Current Practices in Data Search Services,” regarding the implementation of relevancy ranking in search systems.Members are encouraged to review the report and provide comments.

Please take a few minutes in the coming days to review the information, which is accessible on the homepage or by clicking on the above links, and providing your comments.   Note, you must be logged in as a member to post feedback.