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Title First Name Surname Organization name Country
Dr Annalisa Minelli CNR ISMAR Italy
Dr annalisa maiorano biblioteca Ercolani di medicina veterinaria UNIBO Italy
Mrs Anna Marini University of Milan Italy
Dr anna chisena università firenze Italy
Ms Anna Salzano University of Groningen Netherlands
Mrs Anna Daigneault Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages United States
Prof Anne Catherine Simon Université catholique de Louvain Belgium
Dr Anne Hersey EMBL-EBI United Kingdom
Ms Anne Perry Conference series Malaysia
Mrs Anne-Marie Bach NeIC (NordForsk) & University of Aarhus Denmark
Dr Anne Bowser Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars United States
Dr Anne Fouilloux University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences Norway
Dr Anne-Marie Tassé P3G Canada
Mrs Anne-Michelle Bareil Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Canada
Mrs Annemiek van der Kuil Utrecht University Netherlands
Ms Anne Morrow J. Willard Marriott Library United States
Dr Anne Schad Bergsaker University of Oslo Norway
Dr Anne Sofie Fink Danish National Archive Denmark
Dr Heeyoon Choi KISTI Korea South
Dr Anne Thessen Oregon State University United States
Ms Annette Strauch -University of Hildesheim Germany
Ms Anni Jakobsson CSC Finland
Mrs Annick Hernandez Université de Montréal Canada
Mrs Annie C Laviolette Natural Resources Canada Canada
Ms Annie Jones EuroScicon Ltd United Kingdom
Dr Annie Burgess ESIP United States
Mr OGUGUA MARTINS ANOH the Presidency, Basic Registry and Information System In Nigeria (BRISIN) Nigeria
Mr HASEBULLAH ANSARI Organization Germany
Dr Anthony Beck 1Spatial & University of Leeds United Kingdom
Mr Anthony Macken Central Statistics Office of Ireland Ireland {Republic}
Mr Anthony Mauclerc BRGM (French Geological Survey) France
Mr Anthony Juehne Research Data Alliance U.S. United States
Mr Tony Monteith DEPI Australia
Mr Anthony Corns The Discovery Programme Ireland {Republic}
Dr Anthony Leroy Université Libre de Bruxelles Belgium
Dr Antica Culina Netherlands Institute of Ecology Netherlands
Mr Michael Antonishek NIST United States
Mr Anton Angelo University of Canterbury Library New Zealand
Dr Anton Van de Putte Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences Belgium
Dr Spiros Antonatos IBM Ireland {Republic}
Dr Antonella Brunelli University of Bologna Italy
Dr antonella ferrecchia Insight Centre for Data Analytics Ireland {Republic}
Dr Antonella Zane University of Padova Italy
Dr Antonella Fresa Promoter S.r.l. Italy
Mr Antonello Romano Ladest Lab. - University of Siena Italy
Dr Antonio Benvenuti GRID-Geneva Switzerland
Prof Antonio Corradi University of Bologna Italy
Mr Antonio Amadeu My Own Brazil
Dr Anne Toulet LIRMM France
Dr David Antoš CESNET Czech Republic
Mr Antti Pursula CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. Finland
Ms Anu Märkälä CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. Finland
Dr Anup Kumar Das Jawaharlal Nehru University India
Dr Anusuriya Devaraju MARUM, University of Bremen Germany
Ms An Verstraeten Ghent University Belgium
Mr Anssi Neuvonen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
Dr Anwar Vahed CSIR South Africa
Mr AUGUSTINE OGBONNA ANYAEGBU the Presidency, Basic Registry and Information System In Nigeria (BRISIN) Nigeria
Ms Adrian Ogletree Metadata Research Center, Drexel University United States
Dr Aoibheann Gibbons UCD Ireland {Republic}
Ms Aoife Lawton Health Service Executive Ireland {Republic}
Dr Anthony Oko-Isu Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria Nigeria
Mrs Angela Okune University of California - Irvine United States
Mrs Anna Ortiz Moran BSC Spain
Dr Toshihiro Aoyama National College of Technology, Suzuka College Japan
Dr Apostolos Papakonstantinou University of Aegean Greece
Dr Ashok Patra ICAR- Indian Institute of Soil Science India
Mr Anastasios Patrikakos Athena Research Center Greece
Mr Athanasios Pavlopoulos University of Manchester United Kingdom
Dr Andrew Davison CNRS France
Ms Amanda Moura Solidaridad Brazil
Mr Anibal Perez-Linan University of Pittsburgh United States
Mrs Sharing Data Climecrate France
Prof Amy Pienta ICPSR United States
Ms Antonietta Pizza ENCO srl Italy
Dr Steve Aplin DESY Germany
Dr Agustin Monteoliva Ecohydros Spain
Dr Angela Murillo Indiana University - Indianapolis United States
Dr Allison Powell Corporation for National Research Initiatives United States
Ms Nikki Leftly NatCen Social Research United Kingdom
Ms April Ondis Crossref United States
Dr Arthur Smith American Physical Society United States
Mr Andrew Purcell iSGTW Switzerland
Mr Apurva Kumar Sinha Tetherless World Constellation United States
Mr Aqdas Malik Aalto University Finland
Mr Angelo Quaglia Studio Dott. Ing. Angelo Quaglia Italy
Dr Adam Ralph ICHEC Ireland {Republic}
Mr Dimitris Arapakis University of Athens Greece
Dr Arapaut Sivaprasad WebGenie Software Pty Ltd. Australia
Dr Abhishek Rathore ICRISAT India
Dr Aravind Venkatesan European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) United Kingdom
Dr Anne-Sophie Archambeau MNHN/IRD/UMS PatriNat/GBIF France/ France
Prof Arcot Rajasekar University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States
Dr Alexander Coupe Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Mr Isaac Simmons Drexel University United States
Mr Ardian Qorri Lappeenranta University of Technology Finland
Prof Ramachandra Durga Prasad Areti Indian Statistical Institute India
Dr Richard Ferrers Australian National Data Service Australia
Dr Arely Cruz Santiago Durham University United Kingdom
Mrs claudia arevalo-nieto UPCH LAB ONE HEALTH UNIT Peru


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