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31 Oct 2022

Working with PIDs in Tools IG

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Lack of interoperability between tools/e-infrastructures presents a significant barrier to streamlining processes throughout the research lifecycle. These gaps prevent the comprehensive collection and incorporation of research data and metadata into the research record captured during the active research phase. Furthermore, it limits the scope for passing this data and metadata on to data repositories, thus undermining FAIR data principles and reproducibility.

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27 Jun 2022

Neuroimaging Data WG

Recognised & Endorsed
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Shahira Khair

The Neuroimaging Data WG fulfils the RDA’s mission to build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing and re-use of data in the domain of neuroimaging. The WG envisions a neuroimaging research landscape in which knowledge is generated in a reproducible fashion (in terms of data, analysis and computation) and coupled with the ability to reuse and extend these studies by others in the community.

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