May News: Call for Sessions, Health Data, Scholarly Link Exchange and more

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16 May 2018

May News: Call for Sessions, Health Data, Scholarly Link Exchange and more

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RDA Call for Sessions Now Open/ International Data Week Updates

RDA is delighted to announce that we are now accepting session proposal submissions for RDA’s 12th Plenary Meeting (P12) through 29 June 2018 (17:00 UTC). P12 is part of International Data Week (IDW18), which will be held on 5-8 November 2018 in Gaborone, Botswana. More information on the Call for Sessions is available at  

Be sure to also review the following updates related to International Data Week 2018:

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Recommendation Focus: The RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange

The RDA/WDS Scholarly Link Exchange (Scholix) Working Group (WG) is a follow-up group from the RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services WG. The group was endorsed by the both the RDA and the scientific committee of ICSU-WDS, and is going to be completed later in 2018.

The Scholix WG’s aim was to enable a comprehensive global view of the links between scholarly literature and data. The working group has leveraged existing work and international initiatives to work towards a global information commons by establishing:

  • Pathfinder services and enabling infrastructure
  • An interoperability framework with guidelines and standards (see also
  • A significant consensus
  • Support for communities of practice and implementation

Learn more about the Recommendation and how to contribute and use the servicees and infrastructure.

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FEW DAYS TO GO: Applications Invited to Participate in the CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School and Advanced Workshops, Trieste, Italy<

The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School provides training in the foundational skills of Research Data Science. Contemporary research – particularly when addressing the most significant, transdisciplinary research challenges – cannot be done effectively without a range of skills relating to data. The CODATA-RDA Research Data Science Summer School will take place on 6-17 August 2018 in Trieste, Italy. The deadline to apply is 21/05/2018. Learn more and apply.

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Health Data and RDA

Anthony Juehne, Sr. Implementation and Evaluation Analyst, joined RDA-US earlier this year to support adoption of RDA outputs and recommendations to enhance the impact of RDA. Executing this goal requires the development of a method for evaluating the return on investment for projects adopting RDA outputs—such as increased project efficiency, traceability, and reproducibility—as well as the wider social impact on increased project citation and further dissemination of RDA’s mission and outputs across research and industrial practices. Anthony is also heavily involved with the work being accomplished in the Health Data Interest Group (IG), specifically in defining a set of standards and developing an adoption guide to enable reproducible data service workflows from two perspectives: 1) Data processing; and, 2) Data governance.


To expand community engagement and participation in this group’s efforts, Anthony recently traveled to Stanford University to present and work alongside fellow RDA members, Dr. Mark Musen and John Graybeal (also co-chair of the RDA Vocabulary Services IG) , within the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR) and Center for Enhanced Data Annotation and Retrieval (CEDAR). Throughout the week, he built metadata templates within the CEDAR web-based software platform to collect, store, and share elements operationalizing reproducible processes within data brokerage workflows and mapping elements within the framework to existing metadata standards and ontologies. RDA group members are now testing the feasibility and generalizability of the metadata templates, using test use cases offered by biomedical informatics research groups at Stanford.


The Health Data IG is planning to form the Reproducible Health Data Service Workflows Working Group (WG), watch for the Community Comment request on this Case Statement coming soon! The work accomplished at Stanford will progress the WG in its sole focus on developing and testing reproducible workflows within health care informatics and biomedical research. The IG will remain intact to focus on multiple issues within the collection, curation, sharing, and ethical use of health data within research.


To learn more about the work Health Data Interest Group, contact the group members, and/or join as a member, visit

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RDA and Standard Development Organisations

RDA Recommendations and Outputs are the technical and social infrastructure solutions developed by RDA Working Groups or Interest Groups that enable data sharing, exchange, and interoperability.  These Outputs have an important impact in two areas:  solving problems, and incorporation and/or adoption in infrastructure environments by individuals, projects, and organizations. And as an organization, RDA's goal is to expand awareness and adoption of these Outputs, and hence their impact, within all regions of the world.


RDA is not a standards development organisation (SDO) but has been building synergies with SDOs and similar organisations so that RDA Recommendations can either get a fast track to becoming standards, be incorporated in or contribute to common goals and activities and overall foster adoption and build trust and engagement in new user communities. 


An example of this is in Europe, where two waves of outputs from the RDA groups were submitted to the European Multi-Stakeholders Platform on ICT Standardisation (MSP - E02758) to be recognised as ICT Technical Specifications.  Learn more on the recently added "Standards" page on the RDA website.  

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Data Privacy and RDA - A Blog Post from RDA-US Chair Francine Berman

Recently I downloaded my Twitter information.  I’m relatively new to Twitter and have only tweeted 16 times and liked 13 tweets.  However, from my posted information and elsewhere, Twitter has inferred 56 interests, includes me in 374 focused groups built by partners, and counts me as part of 1017 audiences from 377 advertisers.  Without my input, they have characterized my gender (female), my age (13-17 and >50, go figure) and my (non-existent) interest in commercial trucks. Read more. 

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​​​Member Focus: Dr. Jason Haga

Dr. Jason Haga was recently elected as one of three new RDA Council members. As such, he will play an integral role in maintaining the RDA vision and guiding principles, endorsing RDA groups and Recommendations, and providing the overall oversight of RDA’s success, strategy and sustainability.  Jason is currently a member of the Cyber-Physical Cloud Research Group in the Information Technology Research Institute of The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and leads an international internship program that strategically positions AIST as an international hub for computer science research training.  Learn more.

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Group Updates

International Digital Curation Conference goes to Australia for the First Time

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) has teamed up with the University of Melbourne to take the 14th edition of the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) to Australia.

IDCC brings together researchers, librarians, data curators, publishers and other stakeholders to discuss all aspects of managing, sharing and reusing data. It is an opportunity to present how you are curating your collections and share lessons from your work with the global data management community. The conference is aimed at data practitioners from across disciplines and has a focus on collaborations and partnerships this year so is a good opportunity for RDA to promote the work of its working groups and interest groups. Learn more.

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What is an RDA Europe Node and How to get Involved
Date: 23 May 2018
Time: 11:00 UTC

  • Daniel Bangert (University of Göttingen)
  • Sarah Jones (Digital Curation Centre) on behalf of RDA Europe

Introduction of the Research Data Alliance: How Data Librarians Can Get Involved
Date: 22 June 2018
Time: 18:00 UTC

  • Amy Nurnberger, Program Head for Data Management Services at MIT and involved in many RDA Working and Interest Groups
  • Jon Petters, co-Chair WDS/RDA Assessment of Data Fitness for Use, Data Services, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Andi Ogier, co-Chair RDA Libraries for Research Data Interest Group and Director, Data Services, Virginia Tech University Libraries
  • Lynn Yarmey, Director of RDA/US Community Development

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