Marek Cebecauer

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12 December 2022 207 reads
Material Sciences and Engineering

Marek Cebecauer works as the principal investigator at the Laboratory of Physical Membrane Biology in the Dept. Biophysical Chemistry; J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry (Prague, Czechia). The focus of the laboratory is material science and engineering (MSE), and Marek is responsible for the implementation of FAIR data and Open Science principles in the institution as the founder and the chair of the RDM and Open Science team.  He is also the main coordinator of the WG for the MSE research data within the national EOSC CZ consortium in the Czech Republic. 


The project will improve the engagement of the MSE domain researcher in the EOSC and related activities. The main aim is to create a website, which will provide the information about available RMD tools developed for the MSE community in a simplistic way. The information is now scattered all over the web.