Joint session: IG Metadata, WG Metadata Standards Directory, IG Data in Context, IG Research Data Provenance

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29 January 2015 1502 reads
Chairs of the session and of all attending groups Keith Jeffery , Rebecca Koskela, Jane Greenberg, Alex Ball, Bridget Almas, Sayeed Choudhury, Dave Dubin 
  • Review of Past Achievements of each group
  • Current Activities of each group
  • Relationship to other groups
  • Brokering Governance WG
  • Future Plans
  • Delivered Products
  • Metadata standards directory
  • Use cases 
  • Metadata Principles
  • Need for new WGs: mission, objectives and duration
  • Metadata standards catalog
  • Use cases repository
  • Joint activities with other infrastructure groups
  • Joint activities with other domain groups
  • Joint activities with other policy groups
The cooperation between the metadata groups is producing impressive results.  In order to continue this effort we plan to meet at P5 with the above agenda in order to plan jointly future activities –including interactions with other groups -  building upon past achievements.