Joint meeting - Repository Platforms for Research Data IG - RDA 13th Plenary meeting

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10 Jan 2019
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Collaborative session notes




Meeting objectives

The primary objective for the session is to explore opportunities for initiating new Working Groups to improve capabilities for supporting the analysis and computation of data stored in interoperable data repositories. If time permits, we also will explore opportunities for collaboration between the Repository Platform for Research Data (RPRD) IG and the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions (RDARI) IG.


Meeting agenda

  • Introductions of the RPRD IG (Robert R. Downs) and the RDARI IG (Ville Tenhunen).
  • Brief introduction of the purpose and and procedure for creating new RDA Working Groups (Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn).
  • Brief introduction of the benefits of supporting the analysis of data stored in interoperable data repositories (João Rocha da Silva).
  • Split up into groups after brief discussion of group objectives.
    • One or more groups for use cases.
    • One or more groups discussing technical questions/issues.
  • Regroup to discuss next steps for creating new WGs.
  • Summary and decisions


Short description

Research data repositories are at the heart of data sharing as they provide platforms to acquire, store, archive, publish, curate, preserve, and access data. Thus, the major goal of the Repository Platforms for Research Data (RPRD) Interest Group (IG) is to improve the usability and technical capabilities of repository platforms. 

The Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions Interest Group is primarily concerned with technical architectures for managing research data within universities and other multi-disciplinary research institutions. It provides insight into the approaches being taken to the development and operation of such architectures and their success or otherwise in enabling good practice.


Target audience

Users from all domains and IT specialists interested in direct access to data in repositories are especially encouraged to participate in this joint session.

The target audience of this meeting may include all who are involved in research data infrastructure, repository, interoperability projects or services as well as all who are interested in the topic of research data system interoperability. For example research data infrastructure project owners or product owners, project managers, IT architects, data engineers, data managers, data scientists, developers and service users who are interested in technology issues are the typical target audience of this meeting. Please bring ideas for repositories to support data analysis.


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