Joint meeting: IG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Cost Recovery for Data Centres, IG Domain Repositories

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03 January 2016 1998 reads
Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 09:00 - 10:30 - Working Meeting Session 6
Business Models for Data Repositories, an OECD Global Science Forum Project
Studies of data infrastructure often call for sustainable funding of repositories and services. Yet beyond bland recommendations and general hand-wringing, very little detailed work has been done to generate sustainable business models for data repositories. Such business models must be built on an analysis of the value proposition of the service offered, the willingness to pay of various stakeholders and – often overlooked – the various means (income streams) by which payments may be made.
Precisely this will be the focus of a one-year project under the aegis of the OECD Global Science Forum, with the participation of CODATA, RDA and WDS.
The project builds directly on the work of the RDA-WDS Interest Group on Cost Recovery and Income Streams which:
surveyed 25 data repositories to understand the composition of their income streams, their understanding of sustainability challenges and what, if any, new income streams were being tested;
developed an analysis of income streams currently available and a broad typology of business models.
These findings were presented at the RDA’s Sixth Plenary Meeting in Paris and circulated in a draft report. At the P6 workshop, in partnership with the Domain Repositories Interest Group, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis was conducted. The results of that activity are currently being incorporated into a final report which will be circulated for comment and review prior to the Tokyo Plenary. 
The OECD GSF project provides a wonderful opportunity explore innovative income streams, to develop a range of possible business models and test them in focus groups with funders and other stakeholders.
The Final Report 'Income Streams for Data Repositories' is attached.
Meeting Objectives:
The objective of this meeting will be:
  1. to present for comment and discussion the final report of the RDA-WDS IG on Income Streams for Data Repositories;
  2. to introduce the objectives and activities of the OECD GSF project on Sustainable Business Models for Data Repositories, and to gain insights and recommendations from the RDA community.
Specific effort will be made to identify repositories in the Eastern hemisphere and to discuss the possibilities for their inclusion in the OECD project.
Meeting Agenda:
  1. Presentation of the final report and recommendations of RDA-WDS IG on Income Streams for Data Repositories, Ingrid Dillo and Anita de Waard (10 mins)
  2. Introduction to the OECD GSF Project on Sustainable Business Models for Data Repositories, Simon Hodson (10 mins)
  3. Break into groups to discuss next steps (30 mins)
  4. Report back into whole group (20 minutes)
  5. Summary and identification of next steps (20 mins)
The groups will be organised to represent five stakeholders:
  • Research funders
  • Researchers
  • Data repositories
  • Research performing institutions, including university repositories and libraries
  • Publishers
Who Should Participate?
Sustainable Business Models for Data Repositories are of interest to all stakeholders in the Research Data Alliance but in particular researchers, research and infrastructure funders, as well as directors and managers of data repositories are invited to participate. The work of this group and subsequent project is of interest to national and international domain repositories, but also to data repositories in research performing institutions.
Participants are invited to read the IG's final report on 'Income Streams for Data Repositories' which is attached.  Further information about the OECD GSF Project will also be circulated prior to the event.
This is a combined meeting of the IG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Cost Recovery for Data Centres
and the IG Domain Repositories.
Contact Person:
Simon Hodson