Joint meeting: IG National Data Services, IG Data Fabric

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03 January 2016 1507 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March -11:30 - 13:00 - Working Meeting Session 1
Meeting title: National Data Services - responsibilities and activities in testing RDA Outputs

Increasing the amount of testing RDA outputs also in combination and if applicable improving the outputs is a primary objective for RDA currently. The discussions in the “Data Fabric - Testing/Testbeds” session will focus on principle aspects of testing up to extracting common knowledge. This session will elaborate on the specific role of national/regional data centres (NRDC) in this scenario. Discussions and projects for example in Europe, Germany, Australia and US indicate that NRDC understand their important role in not only offering testing facilities, but also in offering services that allow communities to use services. NRDCs could also play an important role in disseminating the knowledge about RDA outputs.

It is widely agreed that we need more activities involving specific user communities are required where NRDCs could and need act as catalysers and as fund raisers. We could also imagine a core role of NRDCs in aggregating the information and in facilitating the extraction of common recommendations. 

In this session we would like to invite NRDCs from various countries to report on their actions, views and opportunities and if possible to extract common strategies. 

Chairs: Zhu Yunqiang, Alan Blatecky, Peter Wittenburg, Ed Seidel, Kimmo Koski, Ross Wilkinson,

The session needs to address 3 questions:
- what is the possible role of NRDCs in facilitating testing, running services, disseminating RDA output, etc. 
- what are the current activities in the various countries/regions
- can we identify common strategies

- Introduction to the testing/testbed discussions and expectations
- Statements from various national/regional data centres^
- Discussions
- Extraction of common strategies

To this session we invite mainly the experts involved in the discussions about testing and testbeds and from national or regional data centres that are interested in taking an active role. But the discussions are also open to other interested people of course.
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IG Data Fabric
IG National Data Services
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Peter Wittenburg