ISO 19135 - Procedures for Item Registration - Figure 1 - Organizational Relationships

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26 Sep 2016

Terminology Mapping for Use as a Model for Vocabulary Governance --- REGISTER: a single vocabulary w. one or more terms. REGISTRY: a system containing one or more vocabularies. REGISTER USER: an agent that recommends some change to a REGISTER through features provided by the REGISTRY. CONTROL BODY: one or more agents (or community) that decides if a recommended change should take place. REGISTER MANAGER: one or more agents that enacts/implements the decision of the CONTROL BODY on the REGISTER. REGISTRY MANAGER: an agent responsible for ensuring the REGISTRY is operational. REGISTER OWNER: an agent responsible for owning the REGISTER, appointing the CONTROL BODY, and delegating management authority to the REGISTER MANAGER. SUBMITTING ORGANIZATION: the organization that has qualified the REGISTER OWNER to serve in that role.