IG Vocabulary Services RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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31 May 2016 1511 reads

Meeting title: IG Vocabulary Services: Vocabulary Governance

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The Vocabulary Services Interest Group (VSIG) was established to develop community-based recommendations on the publication of controlled vocabularies on the web. The primary deliverables will be a collection of community use cases and requirements for vocabulary services, documentation of existing services and practices, and recommendations for vocabulary publication service structure and APIs.

VSIG is beginning to document concerns, practices, and proposals for governance of vocabulary content and services. This session will present different models for vocabulary governance as seen in practice, the roles and relationships within these models, and discuss how VSIG use cases map into these models. VSIG seeks to identify important components involved in governance for developing a set of criteria for guiding the evaluation of these models.

This session is intended as a discussion driving towards developing a set of recommendations surrounding vocabulary governance.

Please provide additional links to informative material related to your group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc

- Group page: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/vocabulary-services-interest-group.html
- Case Statement: https://rd-alliance.org/group/vocabulary-services-interest-group/case-st...
- Use Cases: https://rd-alliance.org/group/vocabulary-services-interest-group/wiki/co...

- VSIG Governance Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B4n9DSj-WtGqbzVQS0FjS0hzcjQ&usp=...
- VSIG Governance Telecon Notes from 4/13/2016:
- VSIG Governance Telecon Notes from 4/27/2016: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HKdtHxwclkt4zPODO_MU5TrUtmhc0kIEv2QG...
- ANDS Organizational Relationships Diagram: Geoscience Australia units of measure vocab https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1b2wPTnaMu_EQUd0yFOD2IjTnx1Rqwe9Fz5tF...
- ANDS Organizational Relationships Diagram: CGI GeoSciML vocabularies https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1vkHGkffQs5JREktyk-dvhD0fYgNdywvPXaFb...
- NVS Governance Model: 

Please list the meeting objectives

- develop criteria for evaluating vocabulary governance
- evaluate existing vocabulary governance models
- map use cases into the models

Meeting agenda

- introduction & overview (10 mins)
- review of the models (20 mins)
- discussion of evaluation criterion (30 mins)
- evaluating models & use cases (20 mins)
- summary and wrap-up (10 mins)

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

Any RDA members interested in the activities of the vocabulary services interest group or governance issues in general.

Group chair serving as contact person: Adam Shepherd