IG Sharing Rewards and Credit (SHARC) - RDA 11th Plenary meeting

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02 January 2018 1665 reads

Meeting title

Developing crediting/rewarding mechanisms to foster resources (data and materials) sharing in Research: towards recommendations...

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Collaborative session notes:


Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

Despite numerous statements and an active promotion in some countries or institutions, data sharing according to the FAIR principles is still not the practice in most communities. This is particularly the case for the sharing of materials such as biological samples. Various obstacles have been identified and discussed in the literature. Our group focuses on a major obstacle, the lack of recognition for the efforts required, to make the resources available and reusable, and works to provide recommendations to resolve these difficulties.

The group’s activity is divided into 2 steps. 1/The current step is to draw up a description of the landscape of the crediting and rewarding processes concerning the sharing activity in different scientific communities (the biomedical and life sciences, biodiversity, geospatial domains) to identify gaps, both domain-specific and transversal. 2/ As a second step, the recommendations will be elaborated and disseminated and presented to relevant stakeholders at national and international levels, to establish improved quidance for resource sharing and its recognition in research practices.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

• Sharc group page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/sharing-rewards-and-credit-sharc-ig
• Sharc charter: https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/short-presentation-sharing-rewards-and...
• Link to the draft background paper and recommendations: 


Meeting objectives

1) To meet and discuss with various RDA scientific communities and networks interested in the SHARC objectives of promoting sharing activities as recognized research ouputs;
2) To get feedback and input from other communities to the ongoing background paper; and
3/ To network with relevant stakeholders involved in research assessment and publication.

Meeting agenda

Speakers from the SHARC group will present the different parts of the work done so far. Time will be allocated to input from the attendees for each section of the paper. 

  • Brief introduction to the group, A. CambonThomsen, 5 min
    • Goals of the group’s project; current standing; objectives of the meeting
  • Background paper’s content presentation: 
    • Describing the chain of rewarding in sharing research data/resources, M. Yahia, L. Mabile, 15 min
    • What / Who needs to be rewarded? R. David, S. Beckaert, 10 min
    • Policy, legal and ethical aspect, A. Cambon-Thomsen, 5 min
    • First set of recommendations
      • Generic ones, A. Cambon-Thomsen, L. Mabile, 20 min
      • Community-specific ones, M. Zilioli, 15 min; R. David, 15 min

Next steps from P11

  • Background paper and recommendations will be submitted for community review
  • Finalised document will be submitted to the TAB for approval
  • Approved recommendations will be brought to national institutional levels in the various countries represented in the SHARC group as well as at supra-national levels (EC). Some recommendations that Sharc will provide will need to be further documented at a broader geographical/institutional level that the CODATA Data Policy Committee may provide (A. Cambon-Thomsen, Sharc leader and Codata DPC member).

Target audience:

We mean to ‘co-build’ recommendations with the RDA community. Everyone interested by the project is welcome to come and provide input, especially scientists from biodiversity and geospatial communities that will be more specifically discussed, but not only. 

The participants are invited to read before the meeting our draft background paper and the first draft of recommendations we propose (section V) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14_HxIrrkB0128EQpmTqrwXtuJTy3zQ_TLFODuoWaqe4).

Instructions on how to comment is specified on the first page of the document.


Group chair serving as contact person:  Laurence Mabile

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Group maturity: 0-6 months

Remote Access Instructions:

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

Access Code: 609-036-029

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Ireland: +353 15 360 756
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