IG Research Data Provenance - P6 meeting session

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22 July 2015 2269 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 5 - 13:30

The meeting of the Research Data Provenance IG at P6 will be a working session, to make progress on outstanding requests for assistance, adhering to one of the stated goals of the group's charter to serve in an advisory capacity to other RDA WG and IGs.  
Topics for discussion:
The agenda may be further refined to add topics as we get closer to the date, pending an outstanding call to IG members to provide topics for consideration. 
  • Review of IVOA Provenance Model
    • Questions/discussion/response
    • Expected Outcome: analysis of pros and cons of IVOA model vs WC3 Prov model
  • Review of PID Collections goals and questions
    • Questions/discussion/response
    • Expected Outcome: draft feedback document posted on PID collections wiki


Contact Person:  Bridget Almas

Co-chairs: David Dubin

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