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03 January 2016 1598 reads
Date & time: Wednesday 2nd March - 11:00 - 12:30 - Working Meeting Session 4
Meeting title: Open data sharing - User Facility Opportunities and Challenges

Large user facilities such as light sources or neutron sources provide their research capabilities to tens of thousands of scientists around the world and the research spans a large number of domains. Additionally many researchers use multiple instrument and facilities as part of their research. With modern instrumentation, data generated by user facilities are increasing in size and ideally data collected at user facilities can be easily discovered and shared. This session is aiming to bring users and key facility people together under the RDA umbrella and exchange status, challenges and opportunities from user facilities around the world. With the RDA meeting being held in Japan, the session offers the opportunity to increase participation from Asia and Australia.
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Information exchange and identifying common challenges and solutions across user facilities around the world.

Topic: Version control in the scientific worksflow.

  • ​Taking lessions from software development: Integrating 'git' into the scientific workflow - Thomas Proffen (ORNL, USA)
  • Extending version control to 3D tomographic objects for collaborative investigations - Frank Schluenzen (DESY, Germany)
  • TBD - Brian Mathews (STF, UK)

Discusion topics

  • Proposal by HDFgroup for a session at the International Data Week (RDA 8) on "data formats and the incorporation of granule metadata to advance cross-disciplinary data sharing
  • Future of the interest group and strengthening facility participation.

Scientific and computing staff from user facilities and the materials science community.
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Thomas Proffen