IG Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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31 May 2016 1940 reads

Meeting title: Container in scientific workflows and data preservation

Please give a short introduction describing the activities and the scope of the group

The IG (PaNSIG) aims to support their user communities in all aspects of data management, preservation and sharing as well as the scientific data analysis processes. 
The user communities of the PaN facilities are extremely diverse using an endless number of fairly complex scientific workflows. Containerizing scientific workflows can help leveraging deplyment and adaption to heterogenous environments and becomes increasingly popular at various facilities, scientific communities and developers. 

Please provide additional links to informative material related to your group i.e. group page, Case statement, working documents etc


Please list the meeting objectives

The main objective of the meeting is to discuss current efforts, suitability of container in software and data preservation, short-comings and potential risks. 
Potential topics could be
- what is currently being done with what type of containers?
- suitability for software and data preservation or data sharing?
- suitability to capture provenance data? better reproducibility of science? 
- would it make sense to federate container repositories?
- would it help to "certify" container? 
- how to keep up with rapid developments?

Meeting agenda

1. Short introduction and reports from other groups
2. Short introduction to container concepts
3. short reports from facilities
4. Discussion

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting
Photon and Neutron Science facilities and users. It's an open session so anyone interested 
in use and mis-use of containers in data and software preservation, is heartily invited to join. 

Group chair serving as contact person: Brian Matthews