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03 January 2016 1746 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 14:30 - 16:00 - Working Meeting Session 2
Meeting title: IG Repository Platforms for Research Data Working Meeting
The Repository Platforms for Research Data Interest Group was established in 2014 to gather and analyze research data use cases in the context of repository platform requirements. The primary deliverable will be a matrix relating use cases with functional requirements for repository platforms. The primary target audience for the aforementioned matrix consists of developers and service providers of repository software. The functional requirements will influence the development of repository software and related services to better serve the use cases of the research data community.

The group has collected a number of use cases and has drafted an initial use case matrix. We plan to complete the matrix and related deliverables by the Fall of 2016.

Notes for today's meeting will be taken using a Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xMPqdDNu6AwFD71JUXbO8LXoqhCOJWnSRB6tdjSZKY0/edit?usp=sharing. Please feel free to contribute during the session.
This meeting has two primary objectives:

1. Review and refine the draft matrix of use cases and functional requirements
2. Plan to establish a new WG to review existing repository platforms based on the matrix

  1. Introductions (10 minutes)
  2. Review of draft matrix and current use cases (40 minutes)
    1. Can we improve the format?
    2. Are the functional requirements accurate based on the use cases?
    3. Are there gaps?
    4. Can we use the matrix to gather further requirements from other use cases?
  3. Discussion of potential WG to evaluate repository platforms (30 minutes)
    1. Based on the matrix, can we start a new WG to review existing platforms?
    2. What would the outputs be?
    3. What would the scope be?
    4. Who would chair the WG?
  4. Summary and next steps (10 minutes)
This meeting is for participants who are already familiar with the group's work, and/or those who might be interested in defining and participating in a working group focused on evaluating existing repository platforms. Attendees should review the case statement and work to date before coming to the meeting.
David Wilcox