IG RDA/WDS Publishing Data - P5 meeting session

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27 January 2015 1151 reads

The Publishing Data Interest Group brings together all stakeholders involved in publishing research data including researchers, discipline specific and institutional data repositories, academic publishers, funders and service providers. Every effort will be made to get a good representation from related international programmes, their working groups and other private or institutional activities involved in this area. We will build on existing resources, reports and other shared experiences from the different stakeholders and will nurture more specific and targeted working groups addressing practical aspects in publishing research data. As such, the Publishing Data Interest Group can be regarded as a broad and inclusive forum for interested individuals to contribute to and test, validate and promote the findings of the Working Groups. In particular the IG addresses the implementation of workflows for publishing data and therefore helps establishing appropriate supporting infrastructure.

Contact Person: Michael Diepenbroek

Co-chairs: Micheal Diepenbroek, Eefke Smit, Jonathan Tedds


  1. Summary of Publishing Data WGs/IG breakout session of the WGs (30 minutes):
    • WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Bibliometrics (5 minutes)
    • IG RDA/WDS Cost Recovery for Data Centres (5 minutes)
    • Joint Session:WG Data Description Registry Interoperability, IG PID, WG  
    • WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Services (5 minutes)
    • WG RDA/WDS Publishing Data Workflows (5 minutes)
  2. Guest speakers from related WGs/IGs (30 minutes)
    • Sandra Collins (Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland) 5 minutes 
    • Others TBC
  3. Open discussion (30 minutes)