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03 January 2016 1559 reads
Date & time: Thursday 3rd March - 11:00 - 12:30 - Working Meeting Session 7
Meeting title: Certification of Digital Repositories: Reaping the fruit and sowing the seeds
Safeguarding data for future use is critical to the scientific endeavor because it enables verification and replication of results, new research, and continued return on the original investment. In the current data landscape data repositories perform this important role, protecting data and ensuring their usability over time. How can repositories demonstrate their trustworthiness to the community so that their role in data sharing is recognized by stakeholders? Certification enables data repositories to provide evidence of compliance with essential data stewardship responsibilities. 
Over the last years the Interest Group has organized well attended sessions at all Plenaries. These sessions usually have a broad scope, aimed at informing stakeholders of recent developments around the different certification standards, presenting a range use cases and best practices and acting as an umbrella group for more focused activities.

Meeting objectives
The objective of this meeting will be:
1. Reaping the fruit: The Working Group Repository Audit and Certification DSA-WDS, that was initiated under the umbrella of the Interest Group has almost finished its activities. The deliverables are now open for community review and the test-bed results will be available soon. In this meeting we will present and discuss the final results.
2. Sowing the seeds: Within the context of the IG we will search for and discuss possible new focused and shorter term activities that can be initiated under the umbrella of the IG. This could eventually lead to a new BoF and WG.

1. Presentation of the final results of the Working Group Repository Audit and Certification DSA-WDS – Francoise Genova (20 mins)
2. Three 5 minute pitches of new possible themes: (15 minutes)
• Benefits of certification for different stakeholders – Kevin Ashley
• Certification of data services – Mustapha Mokrane
• Software Sustainability Seal of Approval – Ingrid Dillo
3. Discussion of the three themes in break-out groups (35 minutes)
4. Plenary reporting and next steps (20 minutes)

Three stakeholder groups will benefit from the certification of digital repositories. 

The researchers want to be sure that in the digital repositories, the integrity and authenticity of the data are well guarded and the data remain accessible, usable and meaningful over time.

The funders want the reassurance that their investment in the production of valuable research data is not wasted but will remain also in the future.
Certification will make it easier for funders to assess repositories and to make informed investment decisions.

Certification offers repositories something to show to funders and users. In addition, the certification process will provide them with advice on where improvements are needed.

Contact person
Ingrid Dillo