IG RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories RDA 8th Plenary meeting

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27 May 2016 2065 reads

Meeting title: Certification: looking ahead

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In order to guarantee data sharing, the long-term preservation of these data in sustainable digital repositories is a sine qua non. Data that are created and used by science and scholarship need to be managed, curated and archived, making sure that the substantial investments in preparing and presenting the content and tools will not be lost. Certification is fundamental in guaranteeing the trustworthiness of digital repositories and thus in sustaining the opportunities for long-term data sharing.
The Interest Group builds on previous work in the area of certification. It will deliver the global overview and the necessary recommendations and requirements that allow the effective implementation of certification of digital repositories on a national, European and global level.

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The objective of this session is twofold. 
First of all, the session will update the audience on recent and relevant developments in the world of certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories. Secondly the panel discussion will provide input on customers’ needs and the future directions of work in the area of certification.

Meeting agenda

1. Updates from certification standards communities – Ingrid Dillo (15 minutes)

2. Short reports on SciDataCon sessions on Data fitness and Auditing of TDRs – Michael Diepenbroek and Mustapha Mokrane (15 minutes)

3. Panel Discussion (60 minutes)
Moderator: Michael Diepenbroek
Panelists: to be invited

The panel will consist of representatives from different certification ‘customer’ groups: funders, publishers, service providers as well as scientists.
The panel discussion will be focused on the future of certification as a means to address customers’ needs and establish trust between stakeholders in the data infrastructure. Over the last 10-15 years a tiered framework of certification standards has been built. The question is where do we go from here? In what way do these standards need to develop? Is there for example a need for a central certification authority for all of these standards in order to achieve more consistency and comparability? And could we embed the innovative element of data quality and data fitness for use into the existing certification catalogues and procedures? 
The panel will be asked to prepare short statements on these issues. The audience is explicitly invited to join the discussion.

Audience: Please specify who is your target audience and how they should prepare for the meeting

The target audience for this session consists of everyone who has an interest in certification. This includes not only representatives of the different standards communities, but also representatives from other stakeholder groups like funders, publishers, service providers (data repositories) and scientists.

Group chair serving as contact person Ingrid Dillo