IG RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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21 Jan 2019
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Meeting agenda: 

Meeting title: Build TRUST to be FAIR - emerging needs of certification in Life Sciences, Geosciences, and Humanities

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Meeting Location: Commonwealth D


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Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities:

The RDA/WDS IG Certification of Digital Repositories brings together the stakeholders interested in certification of data repositories. Data repositories managers, science publishers, research funders, scientists and experts discuss the issues related to certification within the IG and provide guidance and recommendations to allow the effective implementation of certification of digital repositories on a national, European and global level.
Through the years the Interest Group has focused on certification, building on the work of certification initiatives (DSA, DIN, ISO, ICSU/WDS accreditation and more recently CoreTrustSeal). The IG functions in two ways. First of all, it offers a platform and a community to monitor and discuss developments in the area of certification. Secondly, the IG functions as an umbrella for a number of spin-off Working Groups, like the DSA-WDS WG and the Data Fitness for Use WG.

Additional links to informative material related to the group:

Group page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/rdawds-certification-digital-reposito...
CoreTrustSeal page: https://www.coretrustseal.org/ 
CoreTrustSeal requirements (RDA output): https://www.rd-alliance.org/group/repository-audit-and-certification-dsa...

Meeting objectives:

1. Raising awareness and facilitating discussion around emerging needs of data repository certification in the life and health sciences in addition to geosciences and humanities: due to its historical roots in the social sciences and humanities on the one hand and earth and spatial sciences on the other, CoreTrustSeal (CTS) and certification, in general, are relatively unknown in the life and health sciences. Whilst these sciences are very data intensive and have a large number of well-established and renowned disciplinary repositories. In the first half of the session, the certified repositories in new and traditional areas served by CTS will present their experiences. Groups within RDA representing life and health sciences and interest parties of certifications will be invited to discuss how to leverage lessons learned to address core TRUST issues across scientific domains. 
2. Facilitating a discussion around the relationship between the requirements of TRUST at the repository level and those of FAIR at the dataset level, e.g. FAIR datasets in deposited repositories that we TRUST. 

Meeting agenda:

1. Welcome and the introduction of the new co-chairs (5 min)
2. Presentation of experiences of a CTS repository in the life and health sciences (15 min)
3. Presentation of experiences of a CTS repository in geosciences/humanities (15 min)
4. Discussion (10 min)
5. Introduction of the TRUST white paper (15 min)
6. Discussion (25 min)
7. Next steps and closure (5 min)

Target audience: Data repositories managers, science publishers, research funders, researchers

Group chair serving as contact person: Rorie Edmunds

Type of meeting: Informative meeting

Remote Access Instructions: coming soon