IG RDA/CODATA Materials Data, Infrastructure & Interoperability - P6 meeting session

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21 July 2015 3333 reads

23 September 2015- BREAKOUT 1 - 11:00

Foundation for Establishing a Working Group on the International Materials Resource Registry (IMMR)

Session Objectives: 
Develop application to establish MDII's first WG
Discuss goals and timeframe for an international network of materials resource registries
Identify WG members & IMMR partners
Preliminary Agenda: 

1. Review discussion from P5 on materials resource registries (Jim Warren, Laura Bartolo)
2. Update on pilot NIST Materials Resource Registry (Bob Hanisch, Sharief Youssef)
3. Updates on other MMR efforts & materials data related issues ((Brian Matthews, Thomas Proffen)
4. Discuss & identify objectives, time frame, and members for IMMR WG application (All)

Contact Person: Laura Bartolo

Co-chairs: James Warren, Laura Bartolo, Robert Hanisch