IG RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability - P6 meeting session

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22 July 2015 2545 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 7 - 09:30

Meeting of the RDA-CODATA Interest Group (IG) on Legal Interoperability of Research Data
This breakout meeting will present and solicit input on draft Principles for the Legal Interoperability of Research Data and related Implementation Guidelines, which the IG has been drafting in weekly telephone calls since RDA P5. Both documents are expected to be presented for review and approval by RDA and CODATA prior to P7. There are also expected to be posters of some case studies available for viewing and discussion.
For full details on the agenda for this meeting, please see the attached agenda.

Contact Person:  Paul Uhlir

Co-chairs: Enrique Alonso Garcia, Robert Chen, and Paul Uhlir