IG RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability - P5 meeting session

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28 January 2015 1964 reads
RDA-CODATA IG on Legal interoperability of Research Data
Description of Session One on Legal Principles
Starting at RDA P4 in Amsterdam, the IG on Legal Interoperability began to develop “International Access and Reuse of Research Data: Eight Legal Principles.” We held two sessions in Amsterdam; a day-long workshop on October 23 at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C.; and a 1-hour conference call on December 12. We also have set up a Group Wiki on our home page on the RDA website.
The three co-chairs and members of the IG on Legal Interoperability held weekly conference calls, beginning January 9, to complete a full draft of the Legal Interoperability Principles and an outline of a subsidiary implementation guidelines document over the two months leading up to the RDA P5 meeting in San Diego.
Because from past experience we have had 30-40 participants in the RDA Plenary breakout sessions for our group, some of which have been new, we plan to use the March breakout session to introduce the draft Legal Principles and the outline of the Implementation Guidelines, and to invite review comments. We also will discuss the case studies that have been prepared. The session will be used to discuss the methodoilogy and schedule for completing all of these documents. Because of limited time, substantive comments on all the documents need to be submitted in writing after the conference as well as in conference calls we will continue to hold periodically. 
The agenda for the session is as follows:

RDA-CODATA Interest Group (IG) on Legal Interoperability of Research Data

Research Data Alliance Plenary 5

Tuesday, 10 March 2015, 4:00 p.m.

Sunset Ballroom, Salon III

Preliminary Agenda

3:50     Sign-in

4:00     Introductions and review of activities since RDA P4                          IG Co-chair [TBD]

            - Review of Principles and future process and schedule      

            - Discussion with IG breakout participants


4:30     Drafting of Implementation Guidelines                                              IG Co-chair [TBD]

            - Review of draft outline and process for completion

            - Discussion with IG breakout participants


5:00     Completion of Case Studies                                                                IG Co-chair [TBD]

            - Discussion of methodology

            - Discussion of application of Principles to Case Studies


5:25     Summary of action items and closing remarks


5:30     End of meeting