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03 January 2016 2693 reads

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Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 11:30 - 13:00 - Working Meeting Session 1

Location: Room 102

Meeting title: Persistent Identifier Interest Group Session

Group homepage: https://rd-alliance.org/groups/pid-interest-group.html

The pervasive use of persistent identifiers is seen as a foundational element in anchoring and referencing research data in an interoperable way. The purpose of the Persistent Identifier Interest Group is to synchronize identifier-related efforts, address important and emerging PID-related topics and coordinate activities, including appropriate RDA Working Groups, to practically solve PID-related issues from the engaged communities.

The purpose of this session is to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to communicate and discuss current cross-cutting persistent identifier initiatives.
Meeting agenda
  1. PID Infrastructure: Update on the THOR Project (Laura Rueda, Adrian Burton)
  2. PID Interoperability in Action: Crossref, DataCite, and ORCID Auto-Update (Nobuko Miyairi, Martin Fenner)
  3. Organization IDs: Call for Community Action (Nobuko Miyairi)
  4. Open Microphone session: RDA and community PID initiatives
    • Data Publishing WG / Data Services WG: Hylke Koers, Adrian Burton
    • EUDAT PID policies: Tobias Weigel
    • Grant IDs: Adrian Burton, Martin Fenner
    • IGSN: Kerstin Lehnert
    • Handle.net/ePIC: Ulrich Schwardmann
    • FIM IG: Daan Broeder
  5. General discussion


The intended audience is anyone or any organization interested in or currently engaged in initiatives involving persistent identifiers as a component of research information infrastructure.


Session organizers

Laurel Haak, Nobuko Miyairi, Adrian Burton, Tobias Weigel