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01 February 2016 2092 reads

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 What do National Data Services (aspire to) do?

The National Data Services Interest Group allows (aspiring or established) national data services to exchange experience on establishing and operating national data services (scope, approaches, consortium models, service offerings, etc) to jointly identify and address shared concerns.

Meeting Agenda

  1. IG ambitions and status (5 mins)
  2. Modelling national services (10 mins)
  3. Lightning talks (25 mins)
    1. KISTI (Korea) -  Jeonghoon Lee
    2. NII (Japan) -  Kazu Yamaji
    3. Research Data Canada -  Kathleen Shearer
    4. JISC data services (UK) - Rachel Bruce and John Kaye
    5. National Data Service (USA) Kenton McHenry
  4. Discussion and applying the information modelling exercise to the examples (40mins)
  5. Next steps (5 mins)
In this meeting we will:
  • kick-start the “catalog and typology of services” work through member exchange
  • plan next phase of this work
This meeting is designed for anyone operating or wanting to establish a national data service.  Participants are encouraged to prepare a list of what services their national data service (aspires) to provide. Please email these to adrian.burton [at] ands.org.au. If received by February 26, these will be incorporated into the meeting presentation.
Adrian Burton
Chairs: Adrian Burton Kevin Ashley