Joint meeting of IG Metadata, IG Data in Context, IG Research Data Provenance & WG Metadata Standards Catalog

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21 July 2015 1856 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 9 - 14:00

Ideally, we would like this joint session later in the week so that we can incorporate the feedback from earlier sessions of the WG and joint sessions with other IGs
  • Tour de table (10 min)
  • View of metadata and its uses within RDA (Peter Fox - 20 min) 
  • Products and plans of each group
    • Research Data Provenance Update (Dave Dubin, 10 min)
    • Metadata Standards Catalog WG (Rebecca Koskela, 10 min)
    • ​Data in Context IG & Metadata IG (Keith Jeffery, 20 min)
  • Integrate plans and discussion (15 min)
  • Next Steps (5 min)
- Continue to make progress on use case analysis with panel of people doing use case analysis and current results
- Harmonization with Research Data Provenance projects
- Coordination of Metadata Standards Catalog tasks and update on metadata packages



  • IG Data in Context
  • IG Research Data Provenance
  • WG Metadata Standards Catalog


Contact Person: Rebecca Koskela

Co-chairs: Keith Jeffery, Rebecca Koskela, David Dubin, Sayeed Choudhury, Bridget Almas