Joint meeting of IG Marine Data Harmonization and WG Data Citation

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21 July 2015 1710 reads

25 September 2015- BREAKOUT 8 - 11:30

Citation of dynamic data is a subject of direct relevance to those researchers working in the marine domain. Marine data capture and delivery is becoming increasingly dynamic and as a result there is also a need to be able to cite these evolving datasets. The continued evolution of a dataset also necessitates that the repositories responsible for archiving marine data are also able to identify and provide access to a specific instance of the dataset at a given point in time. 

The RDA Data Citation working group has been directly addressing these issues by advocating a dynamic, query centric view on data sets. By storing and assigning persistent identifiers to timestamped queries that can be re-executed against a time stamped data store the user can identify and access the exact version of a dataset at a given point in time. This mechanism supports the validation and verification of results using the specific instance of the dataset and allows citation, re-use and sharing of the dataset. Following the discussions at the recent 3rd RDA Collaboration Workshop held in Karlsruhe, Germany on 11 & 12 June it was agreed that the Marine Data Harmonisation interest group and the Data Citation working group would propose a joint session for the 6th RDA plenary with the objective of developing a plan for the evaluation and potential adoption of the outcomes of this working group by some selected use cases and, if successful, more widely across the marine domain.

In preparation for this proposed session at the 6th RDA plenary the members of the MDH IG will participate in a webinar by the Data Citation WG where the outcomes of the WG will be presented. This will allow those attending the plenary to be fully informed about the outcomes of the WG and make best use of the time available during the proposed session.


  • IG Marine Data Harmonization
  • WG Data Citation

Contact Person: Helen Glaves

Co-chairs: Cyndy Chandler, Dawn Wright, Andreas Rauber