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03 January 2016 1962 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 16:30 - 18:00 - Working Meeting Session 3
Meeting title: Managing diverse data sets: challenges and incentives
The long tail of research data represents a huge number of data sets and a large diversity of data types, but we have little concrete information about the scope and characteristics of this data. Yet this data is becoming increasingly visible and important given the greater emphasis on data sharing in all disciplines. The Interest Group aims to gain a better understand the size, range and nature of the data sets produced through research, share information about managing diverse data, and identify good practices for managing the data created in the context of the long tail.
Identify and document data sources that help to characterize the long tail
Define new topics for the group to pursue in the future
Share results of the survey and identify desired functionalities of RDM tools
The agenda for the IG group meeting will be as follows:

Welcome and summary of previous work
Review/refresh the scope and Terms of Reference for the IG
Results of the survey of research data management tools and functionalities
Creating an environment that supports widespread data deposit and sharing
Suggestions for new IG topics and/or Working Groups 
New chair(s)

Those working with and managing diverse data sets
Kathleen Shearer