IG Long tail of research data - P5 meeting session

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27 January 2015 1572 reads

A major challenge for research data sharing, which may be especially acute in the context of long tail research data, is motivating researchers to deposit their data into a repository so that it is available to others. Indeed, a number of surveys over the last several years have found that most data sets are never deposited into a repository. This session will present the preliminary results of work being done by a group of Interest Group members to develop strategies and processes that will assist, mobilize, and/or incentivize researchers to share their data. Participants will have an opportunity to review and comment on the work to date and will be asked for their recommendations about next steps. It is expected that the final results will come in the form of a range of strategies and outputs that can be used either individually or together to help improve deposit rates in repositories around the world. The session will also provide an opportunity for participants to raise other issues of interest that could be pursued by the Interest Group in the future.

Contact Person: Kathleen Shearer

Co-chairs: Najla Rettberg