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05 January 2016 1927 reads
Date & time: Tuesday 1st March - 16:30 - 18:00 - Working Meeting Session 3
Meeting title: Inaugural Meeting of GWIIG: First steps; detailed working group planning, inventory of use cases
Chairs: Ilya Zaslavsky, Tony Boston, Matt Fry, Sylvain Grellet
The GWIIG was proposed during a BOF session at the 6th RDA plenary in Paris. Its goal is to create a broad forum for discussing water data management and sharing issues at the global scale, support work on several common themes in hydrologic data management in collaboration with other RDA technically-oriented interest and working groups, and create a compendium of use cases with input from other RDA groups focused on the specific domains. A GWIIG charter was subsequently submitted for RDA review.
For further information see: the proposed IG Charter (https://rd-alliance.org/group/global-water-information-interest-group/ca...)
The objectives of the meeting are:
• Review existing water data sharing efforts (in Asia, in particular), identify common gaps, and define opportunities for GWIIG to contribute
• Outline first steps in creating a compendium of global water data sharing use cases
• Define key technical issues to be discussed with existing IGs and WGs, in particular with a view of recently reported RDA outcomes.
• Chart work scope for potential water data-focused WGs
Agenda (moderator: Ilya Zaslavsky) 
1. Short introduction to the IG and review of the charter discussion and adoption process (one of co-chairs)
2. Discussion of the coordination process between GWIIG and OGC/WMO HDWG, and with other relevant groups (all participants)
3. Review of existing water data sharing efforts (in the US, Europe, Asia, other parts of the world: existing standards, experiences and bottlenecks (all participants)
4. Review of existing water data sharing use cases, and initial steps to compile a use case inventory (all participants)
5. Discussion of WG ideas based on the initial work scope in the charter.
6. Summary and consensus (one of co-chairs)

The minutes of the meeting will be published latest one week after the session
a) as an attachment to the session’s web page and
b) in the GWIIG wiki

We invite water data practitioners, managers of water information and forecasting systems, and decision-makers. We welcome short contributions describing your ideas and plans wrt the GWIIG charter and plans.
Ilya Zaslavsky