Joint meeting of IG Geospatial & IG Big Data Analytics

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21 July 2015 2232 reads

24 September 2015- BREAKOUT 5 - 13:30

The joint meeting aims to build upon our previous joint meeting at RDA5 and draft agenda below

* Updates on Geospatial IG
* Updates on Big Data IG
* Presentation and discussion on EC's 'big data' portal EarthServer 
* 2- 3 short presentations to be finalised on both Geo and Big Data
* Ideas for specific actions in Geospatial IG and Big Data IG


  • IG Big Data Analytics
  • IG Big Data Analytics


Contact Person: Suchith Anand

Co-chairs: Peter Baumann, Luciene Delazari, Andrea Perego, Chris Pettit, Helena Mitasova