IG ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences - RDA 13th Plenary Meeting

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10 January 2019 1419 reads

Meeting title: Consolidating Global Connections and Collaborations (Remote Access Instructions)

Collaborative session notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dzt8tXwd2OZEBkAUCHhqyVLxOldD7lNb6L9D97Pmxqo/edit

Meeting Location: Commonwealth B

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities:

The Earth, space, and environmental science communities are developing, through multiple international efforts, both general and domain-specific leading practices for data management, infrastructure development, vocabularies, and common data/digital services. This Interest Group will work towards coordinating and harmonizing these efforts to reduce possible duplication, increase efficiency, share use cases, and promote partnerships and adoption in the community.

Additional links to informative material related to the group:

1. Group page: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/esiprda-earth-space-and-environmental...
2. Case statement: https://rd-alliance.org/sites/default/files/case_statement/EarthSpaceEnv...
3. Catalogue of ESES building data, samples and software infrastructures: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IoH3U3oxjdJCzL1cCLoWyvXMEms8f3YP.

Other Links:
1. Earth Science Information Partners: https://www.esipfed.org/ 
2. Coalition for Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Sciences: https://copdess.org/ 
3. Cohort of Trustworthy Repositories for Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences
A cohort of data repositories has been assembled to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification as part of the American Geophysical Union Coalition Enabling FAIR Data Project. CoreTrustSeal certification demonstrates to repository users and funders that they have been evaluated by an independent authority and endorsed for their trustworthiness.
See https://earthcube.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=65c1c4ca27afad887db7... and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV_3ZcDsagA .

Links to Previous Meetings: 
- 12th RDA Plenary Gaborone IG Meeting (November 2018): ESIP/RDA Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences IG: Developing Global Connections and Collaborations, https://www.rd-alliance.org/ig-esiprda-earth-space-and-environmental-sci...
- 11th RDA Plenary Berlin IG Meeting (March 2018): IG Earth, Space and Environmental Interest Group Inaugural Meeting, https://www.rd-alliance.org/ig-earth-space-and-environmental-sciences-rd...
- 10th RD-A Plenary Montreal BoF (September 2017): EarthCube International Partnerships, https://www.rd-alliance.org/earthcube-international-partnerships-rda-10t...

Meeting objectives:

1. Provide the current status of the IG. Invite new attendees to join.
2. Provide/update the catalogue of participating organizations and their representative who has accepted to be formally involved in this IG.
3. Provide information on new projects and updates on some of the active projects on the catalogue.
4. Discuss potential other projects to target with a view to accelerating collaboration.
5. Discuss how to best manage potential collaborations with other RDA Working Groups and Interest Groups, given that the ESES IG overlaps with so many.

Meeting agenda:

1. 0-10 Mins (10 minutes): Introduction and tour de table (Shelley Stall)

2. 10-15 Mins (5 minutes); Review the current status of the ESES IG (5 minutes), including the catalogue of represented organizations and their representative who are formally involved with this IG. Invite new participants to join (Lesley Wyborn)

3. 15-50 Minutes (35 minutes): Provide 5-minute project updates on key international projects:
     a. Integrating initiatives around ESES FAIR Data publishing - AGU/RDA/ESIP
         i. National efforts on FAIR ‘publishing’
              1. US: Enabling FAIR Data Project and Beyond (Shelley Stall)
              2. Europe: ENVRI FAIR (Helen Glaves)
              3. Australia: Australian Research Data Commons FAIR initiatives (Keith Russell)
         ii. Discussion: Share/consider the value and challenges from these efforts that could benefit the group
     b. ESIP findings: where collaboration works best
ESES Repositories Cohort seeking CoreTrustSeal Certification (Rebecca Koskela
     d. Shared services Across Data Repositories  - the Council for Data Faciliites exemplar (Danie Kincaide)

4. 50-75 minutes (15 minutes): Review potential new collaboration opportunities and prioritize.
     a. International Geochemistry Network-to-Network Collaboration (Kerstin Lehnert)
     b. The Deep Digital Earth Initiative (Kerstin Lehnert)
     c. Bringing together ESES controlled vocabulary and ontology initiatives (IUGS-CGI vocabularies, ODM2, Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) keywords, SWEET, ESIP Ontology ) (Lesley Wyborn)
     d. Bringing together the 'Big' Initiatives ENVRI, EPOS, Earth Cube, AuScope, OneGeology, OGC Geoscience       Domain WG, etc (Lesley Wyborn)
     e. Discussion: Are there any other potential ESES collaboration opportunities that the audience is aware of?

5. 75-85 Minutes (10 minutes): Discuss the best mechanism to share project information and assess any dependencies, overlaps, and gaps, in particular with other RDA groups (Erin Robinson and Helen Glaves).

6. 85-90 Minutes (5 minutes): Wrap up and next steps (Danie Kincaide, Shelley Stall).

Target audience:

Our target audience includes participants and their organizations associated with Earth, space, and environmental science research projects and efforts. In preparing for this meeting, participants should consider how collaboration with similar efforts in different countries or organizations can benefit and bring efficiencies and extended services to their stakeholders.


Group chair serving as contact person: Shelley Stall

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions: coming soon