IG Education and Training on handling of research data - P5 meeting session

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27 January 2015 1341 reads

Draft Agenda RDA5 IG-ETRD meeting
14:00-15:30 10 March 2015

1. Introduction
2. Round of updates on developments since the last meeting (IG-ETRD chairs, All)
3. Defining Data Scientist Competence Profile and Data Science Body of Knowledge: Overview of existing frameworks and initiatives (Yuri Demchenko, UvA)
4. Educational and training resources on Data Science and research data handling and required infrastructure support: overview and existing platforms, EGI Training Marketplace (Tiziana Ferrari, EGI - TBC)
5. Data science skills and curricula: status, plans, discussion (Christopher Jung, KIT)
6. Suggested IG-ETRD work plan - discussion of possible activities and IG members involvement.
7. AOB 

The IG will hold its 2nd regular meeting following suggestions from the meeting during the 4th RDA Plenary in Amsterdam. While the meeting follow standard agenda on activities overview and discussion existing activities at member organisation, it will still expect to have a focus on activities in the USA. The meeting will specifically intend to organise cooperative work between organisations and IG memebrs who have already started their activity on establishing new professions and skills to support scientific data handling and supporting modern e-Science Infrastructure. The co-chairs will put efforts to prepare representative set of presentations that can be transformed into practical work and deliverables.

Draft Agenda will b eposted soon.

Contact Person: Yuri Demchenko

Co-chairs: Miguel-Angel Sicilia